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First Impression of the user above you


A man of the world with a mission to find someone.


I don’t even know who he is (0_o)... and legend has it I’ll probably never know as my question of “who” spans time forever. So mysterious :O!


super sweet dude


Didn't recognize him. Still can't fully recall him but he's a cool dude


Given the name, Audio-Senpai, I have a guess as to their hobbies. The real question is whether they can play an instrument or are they merely an audiophile?

Nothing wrong with that if they can't play. I myself am a cinemaphile and would love to discuss the artistic value of the David Lynch directed movie "Eraserhead."


His comment on the person above him alone is well written and interesting (^^)b. Seems like a pretty cool person :3.


First impression was that he is a chill dude. Very neutral. Couldn’t see anything complicated about him


Gonna take a guess here, just hear me out, he likes Boku no hero acadamia. Also pretty nice drawings, ngl. All in all, pretty alright dude

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