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Movie trailer and favorite movies


jennifer lawrence + strong russian vibes + a lot of manipulation and forbidden love
i fooking love this movie, one scene is shot in my hometown (where they do be buying drugs ofc they had to do us dirty) buuuut it is rare for american movie with such famous actors to come here so i was pretty amazed ngl.. it is a story about one russian ballerina who broke her leg and desperately needed money for her and her ill mother so her uncle basically sent her to "whore school" where she learns how to seduce, manipulate and basically be slut/spy and she is sent to hungry (??? i think) and meets a guy who works for americans and let's say it was a forbidden love cuz russian & american spies in love??? hell no B) very cool i recommend !


DC should stop making movies and just do animations.


One of the best noir detective films made. Hit 25 year mark last year, damn. Doesn't seem like it came out that long ago.


1/ liam neeson
2/ this shit will make u cry a river
3/ liam fuckin neeson wtf just watch it

p. s. most of the people do not even get the main point of this movie lol


Watch Angel's egg

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