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Movie trailer and favorite movies

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Oct 21, 20 at 3:29pm



I thought this was a parody until I saw Chloe Grace Moretz. The lack of Tom's scream disturbs me. The whole cartoon + real stuff type movies started with Who Framed Roger Rabbit and it should've ended with that. I feel like Ken Jeong is gonna be the best part about this movie. This would've been really good if it all animated. And also, what the fuck is that art style?


I just saw this and I had to point out the logic:


You just reminded me that Dr. Morbius is getting a movie next year. I would be excited but the production team is Sony and they hired Jared Leto.


every movie directed by guy ritchie is a masterpiece. no other comment needed.


^^I was cry-laughing watching Snatch in the theater. I still think the go-between car scenes are hysterical.

Not my fav movies, but def top 5 favorite foreign films. Nightwatch & Daywatch from Russia.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy remains one of my favorites.


Coming to America is one of my fav movies from the 80s.

Here's the trailer to the sequel coming out this year. (PS all the folks in the Barber Shop would be like 120 since the first one is over 30 years old.)

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