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Whatcha doin?!?


@無名- I was just reading about the history of Hawaii the other day! There was a lot I didn't know, and still don't! It is really unique.

I was studying some Japanese. Just going over the basics again because it's been a while. Now I'm on here, but everyone is sleeping!!! D:


I am currently sorting out some work issues! Because working from home is the best!!!!!!!
And planing my next few magic effects, been working on those for a while now...


Was going to go to sleep, but decided to make lies instead xD My sleepy meds are going to kick in and then they're gonna be even loopier :P

@tusn- What magic effects?

. @vezax commented on Whatcha doin?!?
Nov 03, 18 at 4:03am

^dont say u havent seen him performing magic b4!!! Its amazing!


@ teacup
Oh a variety of stage and close up magic. Some really flashy stuff for the stage. I specialize in close up though, so it's kinda weird. Might make a post in the talking community tab to explain what I exactly do as I magician... eventually XD


Huh!?!? No, I hadn't heard that you do magic! I always get tricked D:

@laughingman...we're not in the lie thread anymore ;) hahaha


Once I finish my stuff I will be more than happy to send you a video of my work.

. @vezax commented on Whatcha doin?!?
Nov 03, 18 at 4:08am

@teacup! I was serious! I have seen his video, and it was really brilliant >.>


I’m under my blankets on my phones bored af n tired. Plus listening to Russian music.

Nov 03, 18 at 2:28pm

Looking for my car keys.

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