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Chocopyro's "Ask me stuff" bandwagon thread

Okay, on the topic of a zombie team, it became too big, so it gets its own post. Let me start by saying a few things. First off, it is extremely rare to have a choice of the people you start with in a zombie apocalypse. Its usually just who you end up starting with. So the power of choice is a privilege that I will now misuse. But ideally, I'd like users who could fit under more than one of these categories, because lets face it, if people specialize too much, and something happens to them, then we be in bad place. Group A: The planners. People with creative problem solving, mostly in the home front. Group B: The scavengers. People who are skilled at reconnoissance, survival skills, creative escape artists, and salvaging things. Scavengers will be in charge of staking out places to gauge the zombie or human activity. Group C: The handymen. People with technical or practical skills from farming to crafting and repairing. Group D: The Vigils. People who know their way around a gun, and/or can take charge when the group as a whole is threatened. Group E: The home makers. People who could cook, sew, clean, and all those other handy skills that most people don't think they need in an apocalypse. Group F: Medics. People who can treat wounds, apply the right kinds of medicines, tend to the sick, or even manage the stress levels that inevitably will grow on us. There are more things than that, but at least it covers most of our bases. So with that in mind: 0: Me | Scavenger (Sadly the only thing I would be able to do well :< ) 1: Marcus_ | Planner/Home Maker (Musician), Medic (Psychologist and health advisor) 2: MidastheAlchemist | Vigil/Home Maker (Cook). Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he was in the navy. 3: Daggerfella | I imagine him to be a little of everything. 4: Cero | Vigil (Almost confident he owns a gun) 5: Kichigai | Scavenger, may be flexible in other areas as well. 6: Arc | Enter group G: Diplomat. 7: Laughing Man | Planner/Medic 8: Charles | Home Maker (Dog trainer) 9: Burning Halo | Vigil/Home Maker (Cook) 10: Max | I dunno, maybe medic, all I know is I want him in. There's honestly too many good options and not enough slots. Oh, and you may notice a lack of female users? No worries. With so many perfect male specimens gathered in one spot, it won't take them long to be drawn to our beacon of concentrated masculine pheromones gathered from all over the world. And who would I be gar for? Its between the last three, not really sure. Then again, Arc's cat ears...
:o :o :o Zombie team, yaaaaaayyy! :3
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Yes, but its usually minimal to no damage, where in someone else hits the breaks a second or two too late, and bumps into the back of me. Generally I let them go because swapping info is a bitch, especially when we're both in a hurry and there is no visible damage, and I don't wanna deal with paper work. I cannot recall if I've ever hit anyone myself, except for one time where I got trapped in an awkward parking spot, and I scraped the van with my mirror on the way out. The one car that I had which was totalled, I was never in at the time. My brother was the one driving.
Say for the sake of... Inspiration... You were witness to the most unspeakable acts, that being Redhawk and Baka doing the bathing whist clothed in unitards with floural designs and juggling your porn collection whist Rafaelsanzio laid their hung over and a contemplating whether to risk making it to the toilet in time or reaching for a bucket, and Cero wielded the T.H.O.T. slayer in the other corner, while Mikan blushed blushes of rosy blush. What would be your first... Temptation?
https://actthegiddygoat.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/tenor.gif?w=360 I'm in that mood again. Now dealing in paranormal/supernatural questions. Anyone got anything interesting for me to mull over for a bit?
Would you ever willingly allow yourself to have your aura and energy be sucked off by a demon through an intense sexual act? Aka, what incubus/succubus do pretty much
@swadian Psychic vampirism (Draining someone's aura energy) in very common thing that negative entities do, and I never get any sexual gratification from it. Cause its more like a fly buzzing up to you and being like "Lol, taking, hope you don't mind! Kay, here's some negative emotions to fill the gaps, bye!" Likewise, the only external entities I've had incubate in my dreams were spirit guides and the bad kind of night hags that just attack you for no reason other than to ruin the context of a good dream. So you bet your god damn ass I'd give a bit of energy for an experience I would actually get something from. Although since I know how to psyvamp things myself, getting that energy back would be easy. Not ethical. But easy. https://media1.tenor.com/images/33327eabc5f7cc6f22e9005e6ccdefa9/tenor.gif?itemid=12721068
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