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How would you react if the above user confessed to you?


I'd be happy, for every person who confesses to me feeds my infinitely crippling validation complex


That's very nice, but we have weights to lift.


Sorry but.........I don't lift you've got some nice abbs tho imma go on with my life


Cool bro, but how about a street race?


American woman!
Stay away from me...
American woman!
Just let me be...
American woman!
Bye-bye, bye-bye...
Gotta go! Don't ya know! Gotta get away! Got to fly away from this American woman!


Can I get a cool Org. XIII Cloak too?


Supplies are limited! Order fast and we'll through in an additional coat free of charge.

But wait! There is more!

For the next 13 callers, we will sweeten the deal by providing you all the infinite power of nothing for...

You guessed it!


Plus we're bundling in these lovely pendant keychains too!

A 999.99 munny offer for one low price of your heart!

Call us today at 1-800-CHO-COBO.

Nobody is standing by.

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