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Truth or Dare

@leandra If you could go into any anime for 1day which one would you choose? (If you like games better or manga you can do those things)
I'd say One Piece because it was a pretty big part of my teenhood. I didn't feel entirely too bad being rough around the edges in school because I thought, I'm sure I'll make it into the world somehow; just like the characters. I'd probably try to thank someone while I'm there. https://c.tenor.com/DhRZ9HA6fbgAAAAC/monkey-d-luffy-luffy.gif
@leandra aww that’s cute (to me I guess lol). I think it’s fun to hear how anime could be people’s childhood, it wasn’t mine though but it looks pretty
I grew up with One Piece and it is beautiful to see how it's changed and developed over the years. Still my favorite to this day.
Jun 14, 22 at 9:15am
truth c:
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