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Truth or Dare

Oct 05, 15 at 1:59pm
Done. Next.
Oct 05, 15 at 2:02pm
Donnie just don't give a shit, haha XD I probably have to do a truth or dare to ask another question so I'll go truth.
Oct 05, 15 at 2:05pm
If you find two women closed in a room and one of them has cat ears like you, would you save them to have a better chance or close yourself with them?
Oct 05, 15 at 2:10pm
I would save them. I generally put the needs of others before myself, especially if they are cute girls. Even if it means missing out on a threesome :(
Oct 05, 15 at 2:12pm
You're too kind.
Oct 05, 15 at 2:16pm
Hmm...I'm trying to think of a good truth question that I don't want bounced back at me :P
i have one for you arc truth or dare?
Oct 05, 15 at 2:21pm
Ohhoho panda, I know what you are getting at. I am not telling you that thing you want to know. I'd rather dare.
Oct 05, 15 at 2:23pm
Lol what about my truth
>:3 dare huh? i dare you to confess to stalker-chan
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