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Unpopular opinions

This account has been suspended.
This account has been suspended.

This topic is gonna leave soooooooo many people asshurt.

This account has been suspended.

- I like Hunter X Hunter 1999 more than 2011
- I don't like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood too much
- Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a horrible game
- Bleach filler killed the anime.
- Tekken takes no skill
- The anime community is a joke. Tons of people make us anime lovers look bad.
- These Goku Vs Superman fights need to stop. Two different universes.... cmon man.


Flamboyant gay guys are annoying to me and thug niggas need to leave the ghetto and become productive members of society. Also, police are 99 percent right all the time.

Stereotypes are generally accurate.

Socialism in the European style is the only good form of government

Indians should stop taking our tech jobs. We can't understand anything they say!

The Japanese aren't all that great. Food, anime, and tech wise yeah, but they are extremely racist. I mean, I have bias, but at least I accept people. They don't.

Africa and the Middle East will never become stable countries

The only way to end terrorism is either kill all terrorists and their families/villages or don't kill anyone and leave the entire area.

Ethnic cleansing is not an accurate term. All wars are ethnic cleaning.

Every crime is a hate crime

White people aren't cool and think they are better than everyone

Black people need to stop complaining. Plenty of people were slaves.

Hispanics need to learn English.

Asians aren't all super smart, but they can be arrogant motherfuckers

Jews whine when they talk. We get it, being Jewish sucks.

Germans are alcoholics

Irish- same as above

The Russian government today is 1930s Germany

Turks are to Europe what Mexicans are to the US

Canadians are pretty nice people

Puerto Rico needs to become a US state or another country

Black people smell funny because they can't afford deoderant

Asians and Mexicans- same as above

Indians eat way too much curry

Indians- why you run convenience stores?

Arabs- same as above

Muslims may not all be violent but ISIS and Al Quada are all Muslims. Just saiyan, yall don't distant yourselves too much

The Pope is the only Prince (yes he is a Prince) I serve

Obama should have given us a public option when the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress

Republicans hate everyone who isn't white or Christian

Democrats don't really give a shit about anyone

Bernie Sanders 2016!

This account has been suspended.

I really hate uncooked veggies

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