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I need someone to talk to

I don't even really need someone to talk WITH, or anyone to help me with my problems, I just need someone to tell my problems to. To get stuff of my chest, knowing that someone else is listening (technically reading), maybe respond a bit, i just need someone, who will let me unload my troubles on them. If there is anyone willing to listen to my ramblings for a while, please respond. I probably won't be in your timezone though, so I may not respond immediately.
I always have an open ear/set of eyes, if you need. I need the same thing once in a while, so I understand the need to talk with someone; anyone. It can be a great relief to know someone is listening to you.
Thanks a lot. But it'll be a later time, it's 11PM over here. And I'm really really tired. But thanks, I'll write you later :)
Sure, anytime :) I come on at least 1x a day. I'm off to classes soon, myself, so later works for me :P
Sorry this is late XD But I'm a pretty good listener as well.
Pssst you should talk to me o-o; plz?
Haha, thanks for the offer Tyler. Perhaps I will one day. Currently, I'm too busy with my problems to find the time to talk about my problems :O
https://i.pinimg.com/736x/58/08/d2/5808d2e805c7bff6d193d25eacbc8447.jpg I'm all ears!
God Gay Briel you've actually become more cringe than before
Why do you think I was away for all this time, Aelph? It was to train my craft upon the peaks of Mount Weebus! @a1ephy
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