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Poems about yourself


write a poem about who you are, what you're feeling, what situation you're in, etc



Twice or Maybe more

Going through the same thing in life Twice or more
Something no one wants to go through
You can live or die
You take that chance
It comes in your life and you can't do anything about it
Just live on life as time passes by
Make life worth living



Feeling cold, feel air boiling hot
Hot and cold neutral one and another
Love fade quicker before realize
Not feeling love, unstable heart

Let it be, let it gone
No longer need it because
Cannot obtain it
Once was love, unstable within me

Sweet and encouragement
Gave me hope, yet give me darkness
Try and try cannot go on
Unshakable and wilted heart

Other half yet bring trouble heart
Beating fast, show no mercy
Ignoring only faking it
At last
Heart unstable every once a while

Dec 12, 14 at 9:48pm

Comforting my friends
Depression defies reason
I'm spent in the end


Eager to Reap the harvest of seeds not sewn.
This observer stands witness to the spinning world.
There is but one path this round...
Aid me or become yet another obstacle cleared,
My throne awaits...


I should clean my room
Nah, I'll do it around noon
That papers due tomorrow?
Guess I'll finish it tomorrow

Study for the test today
Or I can do it next Saturday
Why put off tomorrow what I can do today?
Because I need time to relax and play

Chronic procrastination is real
But people think it's no big deal
And just to prove them wrong, I'll show'em
That I don't have time to


The title of that one is:


Dec 14, 14 at 2:52pm

Scares of life.

Brought in just to continue.
A gasp and a cry.
Threads of fate as fine sinew.
Another life not yet living nor ready to die.
A living chance.
Here to prove none are healed.
Here I am to make a stance.
A fate unsealed.
Ready to see or walk blind.
Every step yet a memory of why.
Every moment a reason to find.
A face so dry yet so willing to cry.
Memories to push on.
Fates to break.
Still nothing remains gone.
I am here to take.
I am here to remind.
So soon to be.
So soon to find.
Here again and yet to see.

Dec 14, 14 at 11:20pm

Used like human meat
I get fit and trim again
for the butchers treat

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