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Favorite Tales Of Game

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My favorite "Tales Of" game would definitely have to be "Tales Of Symphonia". Why? I got the game for the Game Cube when I was just getting into Anime; the game's intro was spectacular at the time (I still do enjoy it today too) and it got me even more interested in Anime. I loved the battle style of the game, it was so unique even though they didn't really explain the multiplayer function of it. Then again, I find that finding out about the multiplayer really got me even more interested when I could play with my brother. I was Lloyd and he was Genus. I had the game for about 2 months playing it non-stop and just doing random things until I decided to get to the story again. I was about half way done (got to disc 2) and then my brother erased my saved data file. Since I was still pretty young at the time it kind of affected me in a hard way. It gave me a phobia of having my work erased (with anything, not just games) so I tend to stay away now from long games. Honestly though, if my brother hadn't done that I would've probably have finished ToS without even remembering it, but because he did that I can't help but remember the game. (I'm planning on getting the PS3 version and finishing it soon.) I have tried the other Tales of games but none of them really kept my interest because of this phobia... ToS was the only one that kept me going, it was my first one, but it's not my last. Someday I will play all of the "Tales of" games and then I will finally get rid of this phobia of mine. *^*
Tales of Symphonia. It's slightly dated but it was my first Tales of game. I even bought the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collectors edition and played it exactly 9 more times. Why? I dunno really, it was a grand adventure and it takes more than mere gameplay to sell me on a game; I really liked the story, characters, etc. I've got a few figures of Colette Brunel laying around. I was also able to play an action rpg with my sibling at the same time so that was the coolest aspect of it. I don't know what to say about the newer tales games. I've played 'em, but they just don't spark the same feelings that Symphonia did.
My personal favourite'd definitely be Tales of Xillia. Considering the first game I played was Abyss on the 3DS, which was a less than good port, I then played Graces f, then Xillia. After those two, it's extremely difficult to go back to the older games, cause you can really see how much they've aged. Especially Symphonia. As for reasons I actually enjoy it: The combat is fast, and feels extremely good, the story is fairly interesting, with good writing, and unlike Graces and Abyss, there was not a single character I disliked, either in terms of gameplay or in terms of their writing.
Aug 19, 14 at 3:55pm
Tales of phantasia for me, since it's the first and I think only tales of game I played hahaha
Tales of Xillia was what got me into the series. Since then I've played some of Vesperia and I've gotten almost halfway into Tales of the Abyss. Honestly I think I like Abyss the best, mainly because I think it has a better story/characters. The character development Luke goes through is very interesting and unique.
Oh man yeah, I love the character development that Luke goes through. A lot of people have a huge problem with how terrible a person he acts at the start, which is understandable, but that just leaves room for a lot of development. But aside from that, I think that with the exception of Jade and Guy, the rest of the characters are, unlikable or just very forgettable. I had a similar problem with half the characters in Graces f. I love Pascal, Malik and Hubert, but I can't stand the rest of them
tales of vesperia and i have no idea why idk if i just fell in love with whole idea they made for the whose side is real justice and whos wasnt but i loved the game
Tales of Vesperia as it was my first tales game, in which I played 127 straight hours with no sleep, but Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 I like the next best, though I haven't beaten 2 quite yet due to work.
Sep 08, 14 at 4:57am
It's hard for me to pick a favorite. But if I had a gun to my head and had to blurt out my favorite it would be Vesperia since it was my first Tales game. XD
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