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Lets play a...Game. Mhmuhahahaha

Okay since (from what I've experienced so far)This site has close to zero effectivity to bring anime fans closer together and create new bonds, why not play a game ? My Idea is the following: You start with a short introduction and then You Name your favorite movie, favorite food, favorite book, favorite color, favorite song, favorite hobby and most importantly favorite anime and manga. Then the next person making a post does the same. If you see that someone has posted at least 3 favorite things you both have in common, you must send him a friend request and have a talk with him. Maybe My idea is not perfect and could need some refining, but that way hopefully people will know each other better. Allow me to start :) favorite movie: Back to the future and Donnie darko. favorite food: Bacon favorite book: Jekyll and hide favorite color: red favorite song: freedom call- warriors favorite hobby: Martial arts and watching anime favorite anime: Hunter x Hunter Favorite Manga: JoJo's bizarre adventure
Lol I think your idea is pretty interesting. I will continue with your post I would put more than one answer but I will try and put one, this is going to be hard lol. Alright then lets do this! Favortite Movie: 3 Idiots Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Book: Let The Great World Spin Favorite Color: Purple/Blue Favorite Song: Bob Dylan "Like a Rolling Stone" Favorite Hobby: Watching Anime/Reading Manga, Knowledge Favorite Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka/Golden Boy Favorite Manga: The Big 3/Attack On Titan/ Prison School
Sounds interesting Movie: Scott pilgrim vs the world Food: spaghetti Book: hatchet Color: green Song: breaking a habit (linkin park) Hobby: small engine mechanics Anime: Angel beats Manga: elfin lied
Movie: Sherlock Holmes and Anastasia Favorite food: Sushi and watermelon Book: seriously? I love too many books to choose Color: Red Song: again with the difficult questions T-T It constantly changes for me, depending on my mood and such like Hobby: Traveling Anime: Baccano! Manga: Until Death Do Us Part Also, this site is too effective. I've met quite a few people on here that I'm good friends with and I also met my boyfriend on here. We have been dating for 5 months. (and yeah, they aren't just online relationships)
this is a good idea it will make alot of people serious for once and give the shy kids some confidence ^_^ thump up blue! Favorite anime: i guess since i gotta pick probably YuYu Hakusho (gotta love the potty mouth leads anime is so much better with cussing feels less childish that way ^-^) Favorite game: Okami Favorite food: pork (skin,pulled,chops) Favorite book: anita blake novels Favorite color: Orange Favorite song: stained "it been a while" Favorite real movie: American pies (all included) Favorite animated movie: kong fu panda with 2 (very hard cause the croods is right behind it ^^') Favorite manga: love series ayu (true masterpiece) favorite hobby: imma say something different than anime or manga but taking pictures of nature :) now watch some people on here want to change their mind when something pops up xD oo i love that too ooo!i like that too!!dammit why didnt i think of that or put that watch it gonna happen! <x(
Jan 20, 14 at 7:49pm
Favortite Movie: Good Will Hunting, Like stars on earth Favorite Food: Sandwich Favorite Book: Sons and Lovers Favorite Color: Red Favorite Song: Forever Lost by God is an Astronaut Favorite Hobby: Reading, Racing Favorite Anime: Gintama Favorite Manga: One Piece Nice Idea ^_^
Jan 20, 14 at 10:46pm
Favorite Movie: .... A lot. Huge movie watcher lol Favorite Food: Mangos, well fruit in general (except durian, that shit is nasty) Favorite Book: ... I read a lot too, hahaha. Well lately I'm re-reading the Shadow series from Ender's Game Favorite Color: blue Favorite Song: ... I consume a lot of entertainment... Uh, Beast Nico Vega just cause I finally had enough time to finish Bioshock Favorite Hobby: video gaming, song engineering, going out, playing instruments Favorite Anime: Armitage cuz I kinda wanna watch it again :P Favorite Manga: errrr, Gunnm. Damn my anime/manga are old-school...lol someone recommend me more recent ones! :p
Favorite Movie: Avengers Favorite Food: Rainbow sherbet Icecream :) Although, it's kinda a desert, but whatever ^.^ Favorite Book: Tigers Curse Saga By Colleen Houck Favorite Color: Red Favorite Anime: Code Geass Favorite Hobby: Swimming Favorite Manga: Black Bird Favorite Song: People Like Us By Kelly Clarkson
Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park/Indiana Jones Favorite Food: [Insert Hispanic Food] Favorite Book: The Land Favorite Color: Gray/Blue Favorite Song: [Fallout Radiostation] Favorite Anime: FMAB Favorite Hobby: Cooking Favorite Manga: ....
I know sometimes its hard or even impossible to choose something and say its my ''favorite''. But there sure has to be one thing out of all that you would say is a little more awesome than everything else. I have serious problems naming my favorite song for example because that actually changes from time to time. But my favorite movie will forever be back to the future xD Go Johnny go, go !
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