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That Time the Above User Reincarnated as...


Yikes. That world is now my worst nightmare. Truck-kun save me.

@xinmage was busy chasing kids off his property that had jumped his newly installed fence. Particularly agitated that the fence did not work, he decided to chase a bit beyond its boundaries. Flinging the gate ajar, and dashing through with haste. He suddenly found himself somewhere unexpected.

His mind began racing, attempting to process what had happened. A loud horn to his side, the only preamble, but it was too late. There wasn't enough time. Beginning to glace to the side--a set of lights. They grew larger, and larger, until all was white.

The light faded, and all was dark. Moments pass. No? a month, a year, a decade? Almost as if in response to this inquiry a light flickered on. A small nondescript room presenting itself.

"Welcome". A voice erupted. It's direction unclear. "Ah, right". Without ceremony a figure appeared. Where there was nothing one moment, now stood a feline. Yes, stood. Despite its quadrupedal appearance it had no issue maintaining a mostly upright posture. Xin was taken aback.

Xin: "What are y--"
Cat: "Doesn't matter."


Xin: "So..."
Cat: "Collect a missing soul for me."
Xin: "Huh? Why should I ?!"

The cat mumbled for a bit. Xin would have sworn he heard the word "manga" in there somewhere.
Cat: "...Enough questions!"

The cat bopped Xin on the head. Nausea set in, and reality seemed to shift. When it ended Xin found himself in the middle of a street. Around him walked many cats. But these cats were unlike the one he had just met. After observing them for a mere moment uncomfortableness set in. These cats looked... wrong, weird, hideous even Xin thought to himself.

But that was not all. Something else had changed. Blinking changed the brightness of the world before him. Moving his legs produced a low gravely sound. Alarmed he opened his mouth, but all that came out was the long drawn-out sound of a horn. He had become a truck.

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