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frozen's workshop: IMAGINATION MAN drafts


if its in your thread it should be fine ^v^

so would you mind me editing the writing style or just spell checks and the such?


you are free to tamper with it at your leisure. especially if you have ways to make it less...me haha. i definitely put a lot of myself into it, even the parts of me that aren't perfect. so if you can take that edgy-smartass-piece-of-shit tone out of it, please do ^_^ please spin it with your unique spin and writing skills!

and obvi i don't give a fuck about caps. i purposefully went out of my way to take all the caps out, because i'm quirky like that =p maybe i should switch up to proper shit


<Leon (MC) & Aerica (?), sitting in empty classroom, leon is sitting in a chair pulled up to aerica, who is also sitting behind her desk, pans to clock @ 1:06 PM>

Leon: The last lunch period of the day just began. my name is Leon. i'm 18 years old. it's Thursday, May 201X and i'm just about finishing my last year of high school. while i've never been explicitly good looking, i've always had a certain charisma and intellect that attracts intelligent and creative-type individuals into my social realm of acquaintanceship.
AERICA: ...and that's the set-theoretic definition of a function...so that leads us to...umm excuse me, leon? are you even listening anymore or are you just enjoying the view? ;3 we're only a few minutes out of class and you're already daydreaming about me again!

<panel of aerica's face> description of her through leon's eyes:

Leon: aerica-sensei is 23 years old. she finished university a year ago with a BS in integrated mathematics. she is academically equipped to teach high school math.

<aerica’s chest>

Leon: she is also biologically and cognitively equipped to torture any fem-attracted person on the planet with feminine and intellectual wiles. to say she is well-endowed in those regards would be to put it lightly...

LEON: oh uhhhh *clearly awaking from daydreaming* sorry *haha*, no offense, but i was lost in an academic fugue state. the place where my eyes laid was inconsequential to what was going on behind them; but honestly, 'coming to' with such a pleasant sight to behold isn't exactly the stuff of nightmares, either ;)
Leon: sometimes those acquaintanceships can blossom into platonic, romantic, as well as physically intimate situations, given the proper care. the case with aerica-sensei was some amalgam of all three. since i turned 18 earlier in the year, i started actively making platonic and romantic passes at her, my high school calculus teacher, and was ultimately successful. although i knew the ethics of this were and are questionable, our spiritual connection was and is so strong that i could hardly care whether or not this relationship is morally justified. we've been spending almost every saturday and sunday together since november, usually with me spending the night at her apartment on saturday. needless to say it is going well, at least from my perspective.

AERICA: oh shush. save it for saturday night and prove it to me. what are the domain, co-domain, and range of a function? in terms of set theory. i don't see how you're going to keep impressing me with that boundless wit if you can't keep up with basic algebra ^.^ calc 1 and 2 material weren't enough for you so i think it's only fair that we keep it up with the pure math studies. besides...you were born quite gifted, you should try putting it to real use and you might be able to catch a bigger fish than me next time :3

Leon: damn her! nothing melts my spine more than that kind-smart-motivational attitude. the fact that she is a hyperbolically erotic female specimen of humanity does not assist my backbone in reforming after jellification. her 'modest and humble' persona drives me further into an aqueous state. in fact, i'd say it melts the rest of my skeletal structure as well, as she must know by this point.

LEON: disregarding most of that, it's hardly fair to call this "basic". making the jump from under-undergrad to pure math has been substantially harder than i imagined. now, if i recall correctly, a domain is...

Leon: not really important right now, what is important is how i maintain this outrageously taboo and inappropriate relationship beyond this summer...

LEON: ...similarly, a co-domain is a set where...

Leon: we spend all of our time together. we get super stoned, we play every dope video game, we watch every superhero and isekai anime, we have discourse on every subject, we fuck passionately and spontaneously, and we write awesome poems and philosophical works that express our unique narcissism and existential take on life...

LEON: finally the range of a function is *the* subset of the co-domain, in that...
Leon: perfect world, summer would last forever. life would continually blossom, verdant energy bristling from all organic matter. our spaceship covered in endless lust and love for life and electricity and nature...
AERICA: no, it's not *THE* subset of the co-domain, it's *A* subset of the co-domain. i know it seems like i'm pointlessly pressing the article here but it's of quintessential importance for you to truly understand that fact to have a better grasp of the arbitrary nature of pure mathematics.
Leon: but time flows downstream; summer always ends.
LEON: okay...it's *A* subset of the co-domain, that makes sense...
Leon: and at the end of this summer i'm most likely headed off to university. i want to just fucking go to the local community college, but my parents and aerica-sensei both demand i go to at least a state school for my academic enrichment...and while aerica-sensei means that, my parents just mean career opportunities. the mundanity of that life, it drags me down, more often than my entitled ass would like to admit...but the nearest ‘acceptable’ school is only a two-hour drive away. that's not so bad and it could work...but it's a risk. what's the point of academia if I have to jeopardize spending my life with my aerica-chan <3 i could get by working as an unskilled laborer or make art for a living or something… anything to be with her for certain...
LEON:...because there are obviously many other subsets of the co-domain
the rusted cogs of prodigal electricity began revolution via grinding.
AERICA: close, because there COULD be many other subsets of the co-domain, that is ultimately unknown when talking about sets and functions in the arbitrary, the size, quantity, and specific nature of the sets, in this case domain and co-domain and range, are unknown, other than the fact that... *she looks to me for an answer*

the cogs spin faster.

Leon: i feel something swelling inside me. inside of my head to be specific. it feels like a primordial force of immense maturity and intensity is consuming my gray matter...

LEON: they are collections of either zero, one, or many elements.
??? <reverberating voice>: "to understand existence in the abstract is to understand every event, every item, every thing, every piece of information, at every point in time, each individually or all simultaneously. you are not the first, nor last to reach this threshold in cognition, but there is an express need for an individual such as yourself. your proximity to the ley-line crossings and this specific point in time were the essential criteria satisfied. feel the boon of the continuum in your soul, mind, and body henceforth, young one. let it bring respite from the woes of having your destiny stolen. the course of your fate was ultimately…”

LEON: Aerica-kami....d-don't s-s-say corny shit like that
*a burst of thick, off-white steam erupts from Leon's every pore and orifice, fully consuming his form from Aerica's view *

Aerica: *what honorific is -kami?*
Aerica: *cough cough <inhaling vapors>, waving arms to clear the steam*
AERICA: what in the fuck just happened!

the steam began to clear. leon's form begins to emerge.

AERICA: what...

Aerica: ...he looks completely different. <panels of leon from the feet, up> he's lost weight...in seconds. he probably weighed about 140kg 20 seconds ago...at 180 cm tall that is a bit chunky, cute and masculine in a fatherly way, but still a *little* chunky....but now....it's as if he's shredded off half of that fat and turned the other half into well-toned and dense muscles...he looks like a very dense Olympic swimmer, even then, no more than 100kg...and his shoulders are still so broad OwO...but his face is different as well, no longer soft and rounded and jolly...but harsh and sharp and etched with some kind of...awareness. it feels like martial awareness...or maybe...combat awareness

*Leon breaks out into harsh sobbing*

AERICA: Leon! What on earth happened? Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!
*he looks up, tears flowing freely from his eyes, his iris color now gray with the sheen of gun metal, from a former pale blue*
LEON: so much sadness...so much misery. It’s unbearable and it’s...it’s going to overflow and spill out into everyone...i have to try and stop that!
*he quickly forces a new hole in his belt and buckles his now baggy pants as to stop them from falling down, almost bowling over aerica in the process*

LEON: *while looking back* there’s no time. I don’t know how close I need to be to stop him. Promise me you won’t move from this spot and you’ll lock the door behind me. I’ll be back as soon as I can. *runs out and slams door*

*pans to clock, displaying 1:17 PM*
*RA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA* explosives cracks ripple through the hallways of the sleepy suburban high school, in extremely rapid succession…


italics didn't carry over, so RIP


what is their relationship exactly?


she is a first year high school math teacher and he is a gifted and charismatic student who was physically and intellectually attracted to her. he sought out a platonic/romantic/intimate relationship with her and while at first she refused because of the unethical nature of the situation, eventually she caved to his charismatic charms. they hooked up after the first date where they spent all night talking about this and that and saw how they vibed together. basically he conned her into making taboo mistakes but they are both vibing with it hard at the moment.

other than friday night, which is ferda boys, he spends all day/night saturday and all day sunday with her. it has developed into a serious romantic/familial situation, as their physical and intellectual attraction was too strong!

not absolutely certain what direction i'm taking that as of yet but i have some ideas. let me know if that helps or if you need more


sorry for the obnoxious male fantasy/male gaze aspect. i tried to add some 'female' gaze as well! not using binary-reinforcing language here but: dudes are hot too, i respect that, trivially =p


aye np >w>/ ill try and rewrite abit to see if you like it.


The afternoon sun shone dully through the classroom window, causing Leon to retreat from its glare. Leaning back in his seat, his eyes were stuck solely to the woman sat behind a desk before him. The view before him deafened his ears to the woman's voice, but his eyes were fixated on her lips as they articulated words.

"And that's the set-theoretical definition of a function, so that leads us to..." Lifting her gaze, Aerica paused midspeach when she found her student stupefied, a placid gaze painting his dimmed orbs. Raising a brow, Aerica's well sculpted lips lifted in a simper.

"Are you even listening? Or just enjoying the view?" The shift in her tone was enough to shatter Leon's daydreaming state, pulling him from the alluring depths of his fantasies and the back to reality.

"We're only a few minutes out of class and you're already fantasizing about me again?" She teased casually, leaning forward as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand, the shifting of her torso giving off a peaking, percarious view of her chest. The pale skin of her sternum was almost glowing in the intense, afternoon sun.

Swallowing the growing knot that built in his throat, Leon struggled to peel his eyes from the view before him. Aerica was like an alluring fly trap, threatening to consume and torture any gynesexual within a ten metre distance.

((what do you think?))

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