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Any story writers here?


Oh kewl hope your story writing goes well I might have to go work out in like half an hour so~


yup yup ty! i think i'll finish the first chapter tonight but i'm not sure. my neighbor is gonna come over to finish up ff7 remake so we shall see.

good luck! exercise hard so you can eat lots of tasty food! that's my motto


I eat tasty food anyway I'm actually supposed to be gaining a few pounds that's what my doctor says but I feel so fatXD


yee food is nice. and some ppl don't get how hard gaining weight can be! especially if you have a fast metabolism or problems with appetite. i used to be super chunky but went through crazy health stuff and now food sucks for me. i wish you the best of luck on your calorie-acquiring journey!


finished with chapter one! does anyone have knowledge of a particularly smart place/website to host the story or am i just /pasting this badboy in a new thread?

Oct 21, 20 at 2:02am

I write for Amazon Kindle.


I'm a writer in the process of writing a script for an anime.

Nov 19, 20 at 10:08am

Do you guys use the 3 Act Structure to write your stories? What is your advice for new writers whether its for manga, novels, or graphic novels?

This account has been suspended.

Hell yeah neat, I have a quite a few storys myself but I'm too lazy to actually sketch them out... The struggle is real

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