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Conspiracy Theories


Well I mean I was just saying that I remember people just saying it was a conspiracy theory. Thanks for your input I guess.

Apr 15, 21 at 6:25pm

Just messing with you, I understood what you meant.


Even with the freedom of information act in 67, there's a bit of a delay before things can get declassified. And for someone who was just messing with us, you sure echoed the sentiment in the "Aliens" part of the scene. Not judging. I actually applaud the commitment. But they've been so heavily convoluted with disinfo from the CIA, the Soviets, and the power companies since the 70s that even when you find something substantial, it's probably twisted in 12 different directions. Sure makes an interesting mythos to study, but most of it is a bit too anecdotal for me. Aliens very well could be real. And their behavior certainly indicates that they've been ramping up to a disclosure for a long time. But until we do something to break apart the various interest groups, corporations, and world powers that would rather lead us on wild goose chases away from the shit they conduct in broad daylight, its much more productive to focus on our planet. Got climate change to contend with, ya know?


Gah, that started being a post for Yaasshat, but turned into a comment in general. I oughta stop doing that. XD

Apr 16, 21 at 12:38am

Happens when you chime in and make something I said about "us" as you say and when you, the "us" weren't really included in the "Just messing with you, I knew what you meant." comment. Especially when that really had nothing to do with what I commented on and turned into a tangent....Soooooo.... Yeah. That's a big 10-4, little buddy.


The CIA's reading room is pretty neat, I'm assuming that's where some of y'all are getting your info? https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/


I might be wrong because i havent seen the movie in so long

But swap north korea with china in a movie like red dawn and that could honestly be a scenario that happens in the future

Apr 16, 21 at 2:09pm

Rem is my Waifu

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