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Conspiracy Theories


Aleph never got his first account banned


Wasn't that reality ?

Apr 15, 21 at 2:10pm

Amir is ur little sister bhenchod hiretsunaotaku


Kawaii Savage is an account Aleph made to RP with because he was lonely.

Apr 15, 21 at 2:28pm

Amir is totally not bisexual *wink* *wink* totally not guys


Left wing conspiracy theories. Check out 'Out There Radio' some time on Itune podcasts. They all turned out to be true. Save maybe GMO and Chemtrail stuff, that's still being debated. But government surveillance, the bilderbergs, MK Ultra, Project Philidelphia, and nazi breakaways in project paperclip. They all have partial paperwork that got declassified. With most of the more juicy details being redacted or shredded before being archived.

Remember: It was the military industrial complex before the right rebranded it to "Deep State". And literally every time we even get close to crushing the establishment and removing corruption in our own party, they get their republican colleges to start harping on about whatever claim we made that had the least credible evidence in order to delegitimize us. Hilary Clinton's emails? Please, try her slave operation, that has its own trail.

War on drugs targets black and poor people by making something minor like weed a felony, then they get pushed into private prisons to have their human rights violated. Because the state can't do that in state run prisions. But corporations sure can. You see how removing the 'industrial' part of the 'deep state' equation gets dangerous? You're just asking for it.

Apr 15, 21 at 2:43pm

What if the cat internet exist? From thou fellow feline creature. It cometh with human pics. Whence thy fellow chunky cute human is produced. For all feline creatures to gazeth and laugheth


Aliens exist


I remember when MKultra was just a theory lmfao. I mean it seriously doesn't surprise me, why wouldn't the government research mind control? Definitely a win win for them if it works.

Apr 15, 21 at 5:55pm

You were alive during and can remember 1975? Kind of when mkultra stuff was first being made public... Just saying.

I think the bigger ones have to deal with aliens/interdimentional beings. Could be wrong, but evidence seems to point at there's something more than us (Man kind) there. Pay attention to even how aliens are portrayed in hollywood overtime. You're getting more "Aliens aren't the threat." movies, instead of "They're the boogeyman!". Don't think fir6 a minute that Hollywood can't be or never has been used for government propaganda. Information is drip fed until it becomes the norm. Try and say everything at once and people panic, but feed them little by little and they won't even care. Had official military videos that made the rounds a few years ago, barely even a blip on social radar... Sorta funny how that works. Feed us crumbs until we just don't care about the real meal on the table.

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