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Conspiracy Theories

Apr 15, 18 at 1:20am
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That overall both sides of the government don't actually despise each other and are just soaking in the cash with mindless lies like trump and russia, or scandals. Making out the opponent to be the devil(Though the left is worse than the right at the moment.), While in all reality they're both just milking in the dough.

Also that leftists are mostly globalists, due to the fact their economic skills rival my nephews. But other than politics. The fact we could be living in a simulation is pretty likely, However that's scientific theory more than anything anymore...

I don't truly believe any 'conspiracy theorists." I mean they're fun to listen to, but the odds are 99% holding any weight are hysterically low at best.

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Jul 20, 18 at 10:44am

I saw the Mark image I posted. Gets me everytime. rofl

Jul 21, 19 at 11:04pm
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I believe that area 51 has Nagito locked up to try and extract his l u c c

Jul 21, 19 at 11:46pm

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Okay, seeing as how I just got laid off, I finally have time for this.

So I have a long history in the conspiracy theory community, dating back to my skater punk days in high school, and I will say, its funny how often I see anarchist conspiracy theories that used to be aimed at the right, or both the right and the left, regurgitated and rebranded by right wingers to be used against the left, while conveniently removing themselves from the equation. Now to be fair, neo nazis had been around since before then, and I have plenty to say about my interactions with them, and how they're relevant now, but I digress. Here's basically the shift in the narrative that I've noticed over the years.

Gen X Anarchist/Libertarian Conspiracy theories durring Bush:
"They're trying to make us conform, man! They want a rigid class system because it makes it easier to install a fascist oligarchy! And here's how they're going to do it! Both parties are actually the same, and they're in bed with the corporations. The only difference is that the democrats control their people through outrage, and the republicans control through fear mongering. If they can't win through politics, then they'll consolidate their power through financial tyranny by syphoning the wealth of the middle class and abolishing them all together. If you start to make too much since, they'll ostracize you as a commie so that people will never want to associate with you! So be objective, don't let them use your emotions against you, and most of all, verify whatever they're talking about on the news for yourself! That includes counter culture outlets too, because lots of them push out disinfo! Trust no source unless you know their real agenda! Read up on con artist and manipulation tactics so that they'll never be used against you! Above all else, don't let them start a class war. Now I gotta go, I think the CIA is watching me. I know too much about [whispers]Aliens.[/whispers]"
-Dude goes missing and is never seen again.-

Then the 2008 financial crash happens, right about the time many millennials come of age, disadvantaging an entire generation, as they head out into the world with crushing student debt, college degrees that go to jobs that no longer have openings, and are forced to take entry level jobs, and join the working class leading to the most over educated working class we've ever seen. The price of housing skyrockets and the "Yuppie" is an endangered species.

Obama get's elected, Republicans hijack the scene:
"Trust me, there is a group of people who are different from you, and they're trying to take your place on the hierarchy. These (Lizard People/Globalists/Gays/Jews/Black People/Hispanics/Greys/insert xenophobic fear based mcguffin here) want to take over the world, and make us on the bottom. Beware of centralized government! Socialism is bad, because capitalism is superior and in no way, shape, or form just as scary, and the news is fake, unless of course it's fox news, then it's real. And remember to protect the free speech of those who seek to ultimately undermine free speech, like the white nationalists and neo-nazis! Because if they get censored, the gubberment will come after your free speech next! Besides, the deep state wants to start a race war, and we want those people on our side! Beware the Deep state, which in no way has any corporate affiliations, cause it's not the military/INDUSTRIAL complex, it's just the deep state now! They're trying to take your guns! They're trying to take your freedoms! OOBAHMAH IS A LIZARD PERSON! AREN'T YOU SCARED YET!?"
-Dude doesn't go missing, gets rich instead-


But I digress. If there was one thing I was always taught to be wary of, it was sensationalism... In reality, the stuff they don't want us to know tends to be a lot more dry most of the time.

Hey kids, wanna learn how to dissect a conspiracy theory using counter manipulation tactics?

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