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33 year old Male
Last online about 6 years ago
Montreal, Canada
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Deactivated @ruby left a comment for yuseifudo
Aug 29, 15 at 6:00pm

I wish lol no I never have, I want to travel more, wbu?

tina2015 @tina2015 left a comment for yuseifudo
Jul 31, 15 at 5:49pm
This account has been suspended.
Syrup @syrup12 left a comment for yuseifudo
Jul 23, 15 at 1:01pm

Ermahgurd. Hai. :) How are you?


yeah especially us canadians eh? haha and alright, have a good night too


haha thanks, i'll keep that in mind for the next week haha. i really like what im doing in my schooling because its so open with what i can do, like it branches out into lots of different jobs which a lot sound like fun. just gotta get through these little jobs before then haha

ezperanten @ezperanten left a comment for yuseifudo
May 15, 15 at 12:18pm

Yes! Just like in Metal Gear!

htide @htide left a comment for yuseifudo
Apr 19, 15 at 1:10pm

Hi. Thanks for the request.

Kohagura @kohagura left a comment for yuseifudo
Mar 19, 15 at 11:51pm

Yep. Better to take a chance, something with maybe 50% chance of either improving or suffering with change, rather than 100% chance of suffering at home. XD
Even if something goes wrong, I'll learn from it.

I have never actually finished the Yugioh anime, and never played the game(could never get into TCGs in general). I really liked the abridged series though, and it did bring a lot of nostalgia from watching the first few seasons. If you go to cons in Montreal, maybe we'll even run into each other someday. I plan to at least visit each one once, maybe more. Not really sure how long it will be before I actually go, though.

Kohagura @kohagura left a comment for yuseifudo
Mar 18, 15 at 6:13pm

I am moving in with my best friend. For many reasons really. I want independance from my parents/family, want to live life how I want to, want to be with my friend, not be restricted by parents, etc. I think moving there would be the only way to learn French easily too, because I cannot learn a language without immersion.

Kohagura @kohagura left a comment for yuseifudo
Mar 18, 15 at 4:00pm


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