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Jul 20, 16 at 4:11pm
It was a long run but it's finally coming !!! WYD in Krakow :) I was busy preparing for this week to come. I welcome everyone who will be in Krakow for the WYD. Have a great time and a lot of fun :) Who knows maybe we will met in the crowd? ;p
Feb 29, 16 at 9:22am
My manga suggestion: Piano no Mori This manga its not only about music. Its about life and aspirations. About friendship and rivalry. The story begins in small japanese town. One of the MC Shuhei Amamiya is a transfer student at the elementary school. As a son of a world know pianist he is forced to learn piano too but an unexpected encounter with Kai Ichinose and this mysterious piano in the forest leads him in the world of classical music. When Shuhei heard Kais piano he decided to become a famous pianist himself. In this manga we follow the young pianists and their struggles on the road of music. I know it strange to read manga about music when you cant hear the sound of it but this manga is gold. :) Genre: Comedy Drama Seinen Slice of Life
Feb 22, 16 at 8:39am
My anime suggestion for the day: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu This anime will definitely get on your favorites list :) The story is set in school where the equipment of classroom depends on education level of the students. For e.g class F doesn't even have chairs. Unfortunately one of the best students Himeji fainted during the placement exam and scored 0 points. She was put in class F along with the ultimate idiot Yoshii Akihisa. For Himejis sake Akihisa want to move to better classroom but the only way to do it is to win a fight with the better class. Can Akihisa and his friends from class F do the imposible and win the Shoukanjuu battle with class A? Genres: comedy, fantasy, romance
Feb 19, 16 at 10:14am
My anime recommendation: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka An anime where everything is possible. Even a zombie can become a Mahou shoujo and fight monsters. The MC Aikawa Ayumu is a high school boy. At first glance he can seem normal but is he really? He can survive a hit from the truck, he is living with necromancer girl and now he even became a magical girl. This anime is quite funny and some scens are just gold. Give it a try and you will be hooked ;)
Feb 18, 16 at 8:00am
My anime suggestion: Ixion Saga DT is anime about teenage boy Kon who is suddenly transferred to a fantasy world while playing video game. In this strange world he saves a princess and joins her group, heading to the capital. The opposition army is trying to stop her from marrying the prince of neighbor country. While protecting her Kon is searching for a way to return to his own world. Genre: action, comedy, fantasy
Feb 17, 16 at 7:46am
My drama suggestion for the day Personal Taste is a Kdrama about an architect Jeon Jin-ho who is desperate to win a project bid. He decided to find some information about an old traditional house called Sanggojae and use it as prototype for his new design. The person living there Park Kae-in refuse to let any man in the house. She was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and her best friend in the past so Park Kae-in is determined to never take a chance on a man again. To get access to the house Jeon Jin-ho pretends to be gay. Park Kae-in believes him and let him become her new roommate. This development created some funny misunderstandings that made this drama worth watching. Ofcourse there enough romance too ;) Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Feb 16, 16 at 4:57am
My manga suggestion for the day: If you are a CLAMP lover you will like xxxHolic manga. The MC is a high-school boy Watanuki Kimihiro who can see ghost and spirits. One day while running from youkai he enters the shop of witch named Yuko. She offers Watanuki to help him with his problem but in exchange he have to work for her. The boy is desperate to get rid of his ability so he agrees. That how he started to help Yuko with the shop. In this manga Yuko is teaching Watanuki that in life nothing happens by coincidence everything is fate and that every wish have a price of the same value. Genre: Comedy Drama Fantasy Mystery Psychological School Life Seinen Supernatural
Feb 15, 16 at 7:53am
My anime suggestion for the day: This time is a little long anime (74 ep) Monster. The MC dr. Tenma is a famous surgeon with a promising career at a leading hospital in Germany. One day despite the order to operate the mayor he decided to save a boy with a head shot wound. Little did he know that this would trigger a string of mysterious and tragic events. One of them leading him to became the main murder suspect of the hospital director. Tenma now needs to find the boy he saved to prove his innocence and to stop even bigger tragedy. Genre: Drama Horror Mature Mystery Psychological Seinen Tragedy
Amado @amado left a comment for yokocchi
Feb 14, 16 at 2:19pm
Kurosagi is one of my favorite mangas that i'm on-going reading! imo one of the best Seinen mangas around, great dialogues between characters and the symbolism about life important issues is just spot on. btw how much do u rate the Drama adaptation out of 10?? i hope they release an anime version for Kurosagi sometime!
Feb 14, 16 at 7:14am
My drama recommendation for the day: This time is a japanese drama Kurosagi based on manga with same title. Its about young man named Kurosaki whose family was destroyed by swindlers. To get revenge he becomes one himself but he is targeting only other con artists and returning money to their victims. When a young law student Yoshikawa meets Kurosaki she wants to convince him to stop swindling and forget about the revenge. Will she be able to do that? Genre: Action, Crime investigation, Romance