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20 year old Female
Last online 6 months ago
CrossVille, TN
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Yoo!!! Have a good time, remember to add your fave anime so you can share with others.

bradenSY @bradensy left a comment for ChibiGirlMe
Mar 15, 21 at 1:51am

How's it going? Feel like chatting?

Mar 08, 21 at 6:52am

Hey hows it going names James like to get to know you

shikatrav @shikatrav left a comment for ChibiGirlMe
Mar 07, 21 at 6:21am

Hello your not super far away. I just moved to Chattanooga from hamblin county



I hope everyone sees the status this individual has made. I blocked him because he whinges and throws slurs at me for saying i was bored of the chat. Acts like an entitled person and expecting everything to be placed on a silver plate for him yet behaves like a brat wit ha stick up his ass lol. Definitely a sad individual with little value in life. Can't expect someone to be decent when they hurl lines of insults at u, hence i blocked him.

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Welcome newcomer, do you have a specific favorite MMO and/or RPG? I'm usually not the (J)RPG type but I've been playing a fair amount of some as of late

Feb 06, 21 at 10:58pm

Qelcome to the site ~

Shoe @qsizmeh left a comment for ChibiGirlMe
Feb 06, 21 at 9:25pm

Welcome :D

Feb 06, 21 at 9:13pm

Welcome to the site, new person. :O

Feb 06, 21 at 8:45pm

Hi fellow Tennessean! Welcome to the site. Do you have discord?

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