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29 year old Female
Last online over 11 years ago
Well let's see what i could say.
I'm very enthusiastic about my anime, and don't really have a specific preference in anime, as long as it's amusing-- which it usually is. <3

I'm an artist. I'm going to college for art and hope to be really successful in it, root for me! :3

I love all animals-- except for birds. they drive me crazy, only because my family owns TWO.

Cat's are my all time favorite in that.


I love to cosplay. if i had any income i would buy cosplays up the wazoo, but i've already got two good ones. I'm fond of dressing as males because i feel gross as a girl character. Since all those girls are so small. I have broadish shoulders. it just doesnt feel right.

YES i love Yaoi. And I always tease my male friends about it, but if you tell me you're uncomfortable with it, i'll respect it. Just respect that i do like it. We can find agood middle.
On that note, if we go Con-ing together as a pairing, i don't feel akward about PDA for the public, usually.

Just to put it out there, i'm a girl and my additude is a little off. I act like i'm angry but i could never actually get mad at people. I get over things very easily, even when i shouldn't- which is bad, but still. I'm usually sweet. i love people so much.
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