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26 year old Male
Last online about 8 hours ago
Oklahoma City, OK
Love anime,games,tv Shows,Space,martial art's and always looking for new people to talk to about anything.

Also i am 6,0 ft tall French,Irish guy and you can call me Bradon and I'm also a Sagittarius so if there are other's out there i would like to meet you! :3

No favorite anime or manga just a lot i like.

Favorite video games- gears of war,counter strike,Resident Evil but i play loads of other things so just ask to play anything on Pc xD

My favorite music is metal/punk rock but i listen to anything that sounds good but My specific favorite band is 5FDP-song Far From Home <3

I also really like space! There cool shit out there! xD

Also a very genuine person i care for everyone,Even if i can be a asshole at time's. But never on purpose i swear! xD