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21 year old Male
Last online almost 3 years ago
Mentone, CA
Greetings everyone, I'm Golden.Weeb
. My birthday is April 4th 2001, I'm 5'5", I weigh 167 pounds, and I'm not very athletic. On my free time I enjoy playing my Nintendo Switch, cooking, singing kareoke, hanging out with my frienda, surfing the internet, and watching anime of course. I am almost always listening to some kind of music, I adore future funk, vaporwave, and 80's Japanese City Pop. I dislike most vegetables and fruits, rap music that was made after 1999, "fake" people, most modern trends, and being extremely cold. I absolutely hate cheaters, secrets, and being alone with a burning passion, and I am currently employed at the Redlands Community Center's recreation division. In college I plan to major in Culinary Arts and my dream is to open a café that people of all ages could enjoy visiting. I'm just looking for someone I can rely on. Someone who can be my first waking thought and my final thought before I sleep everyday. Someone that can catch me when I fall and help me up when I'm down. If the clingy jealous type isn't your preferred type then I suggest you look elsewhere because I won't change who I am and how I act just for a girl who will probably leave me eventually. If you do something I'm not a fan of I'll tell you. If you made it this far I'd like to thank you for reading, have a great day/night/evening.
Aug 3-5
Aug 2-4