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Vampire Viona

20 year old Female
Last online 11 days ago
magelang, Indonesia
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Doppio @forgetmenot left a comment for Vampire Viona
Mar 09, 23 at 7:02am
Oi, bossu
Doppio @forgetmenot left a comment for Vampire Viona
Aug 20, 22 at 2:22pm
My lady vampire decided to come back? LOL the only woman who deserves my service. Thanks for being literally my best friend online
May 09, 21 at 8:41am
This account has been suspended.
That means its possible but we don't know its true or not right Im just speculating so don't mind me
Hey i have a theory about him not that im defending him okay Im wondering if its not really him that harass people but his friend or even family using his account directly or hacked so he can be the one who blame Am i the only one who think its possible? Or is it not possible?