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28 year old Female
Last online almost 11 years ago
Well, obviously, I'm an otaku, but I've never been in a relationship, as in never. I'm about 5"3 in height, weigh about 51 kg, has upper-back length, straight, brownish black hair, chinky eyes...if I'm pretty, judge when you see me. You may be wondering why I'm telling you this; it's because I like my privacy, and so won't be posting pictures. Even the name I'm using here is just a pseudonym. If I like you enough, then maybe, I'll let you know more about me. I joined this site because...well, I wanna try dating. Who knows, I might get lucky...
Oh! And my top 5 anime and mangas are:
1. Kuroshitsuji
2. Blood+
3. D.Gray-man
4. Pandora Hearts
5. Gakuen ALICE
And oh! I also like yaoi>w