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Last online 27 days ago
Don't ever put yourself down. Ill do it for you and not intentionally.

Info you dont need to know:
Anime watched: 2807
Anime dropped: 663
Anime put on wait: 194
Fuck that unimportant stuff its more about the hobbies right... well i got only 3: Watching anime since i cant go a day without it anymore i kind of hate it now but still. The other one is learning guitar i aint good at all but it works the third is playing games especially : Shooters but none of that cod bullshit , terraria,mc all of that and any parkour games prince of persia, assassin's creed, etc. Well i post updates every 2 months or so. Dm me feel free too until i come back again i wont respond.

Newest update: I started to cook and work as a cook going to a collage for it :D