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Is anyone going to Holiday Matsuri in Orlando this December?
When you feel bad, please always remember to take good care of yourself - even though it can be painful. Please get sunshine, eat meats and natural foods, go to sleep early, lift weights, walk, and watch shows that make you happy. Hug the people you love, and cherish them. Even if something bad happens that is someone else's fault, your happiness is your personal responsibility. You have to do your best for you, even if you have to start small. If you need help, I am happy to give straight advice gently.
Maccabe Million @trongx left a comment for ubermensch
Sep 18, 20 at 10:13pm
ay don't steal my boo you thief
I solved the mystery. GTO and Shinshoku Kiss are the first two anime that appear on the list of the anime database on this site. If you make a fake account and just want to add one anime, you can just pick those first two and call it a day.
I've been watching more accounts come in, more Shinshoku Kiss. I'm not saying it's weird that people like GTO. I'm saying it's weird that they list only ONE anime. It happens to be GTO of Shinshoku randomly, sometimes both.
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