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Twist Uchiha

19 year old Male
Last online about 7 hours ago
United States, NC
Konichiwa, Everyone!

Please, call me Austin-kun (Or Twist-kun!)

I am a socially awkward & shy person at times so you won't catch me in the forums much but I do post time to time. Wholesome stuff is where it's at.

I love video games and play a lot of Console, PC & Handheld games! I like most types of games but my favorite type is RPG! I also have a PC, Xbox One, & a PS4!

I absolutely love music and like lots of types: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Metal, Rock, Dubstep, EDM, Lofi & even any type of wave music!

Favorite Anime: Naruto Series
Favorite Marvel Movie: Thor: Ragnarok
Favorite DC Movie: Joker
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
Favorite Video Game: Destiny 2

My Idols Are...

Rem is best girl~

Here's My Adorable & Pure Daughter, Cacao:

I'm not just an Anime Addict, but a Marvel, DC & Star Wars addict!

My favorite Marvel Avenger is Thor because he is fearless, a god, and always stands strong no matter what!

My favorite DC Hero is Cyborg because he's got an amazing sense of humor and is pretty cool!

Obi-Wan Kenobi is the best Jedi, hands down.

Mess with me, you get the KAMUI! Obito is hella cool and the homie.

Feel free to add me on Discord: Twist_Uchiha#5366
Here's my Playstation ID: Twist_kun
And my Xbox Gamertag: YaBoyTwist
Love you all, my MO Family. Cheers :3