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23 year old Male
Last online 14 days ago
San Jose, CA
My whole life I've only ever had 3 to 4 really close friends... I'm here to try and change that

Please feel free to invite me to whatever... It'd really make my day :)

About Me:
- I am a Letter Carrier for the USPS
- 6'4 and skinny
- Leo
- Caucasian/white
- Don't smoke
- When I'm not on the stage acting I'm very shy and try to become invisible... (Always fails stealth checks)
- I'm really good at acting out other characters and people
- My deadly sin would be Envy. I get super jealous about a lot of things but I'm really good about keeping to myself about it.
- Introverted, but I like to be included in a group.
- I'm a bit of a sadist...
- Inferiority complex
- Confidence in myself is a bit of an issue. Looking for a strong beautiful woman with inspiring goals for me to support and help me find my confidence.
- I don't talk much in real life...
- I'm not very smart...
- Guess my favorite animal?
- Never dated anyone...
- Hard to make me angry
- Easy to make me sad
- I like to help others and hate having to ask others to help me.
- I'll put more when I think of it...

- Anime Conventions
- Gaming
- Painting miniatures for board games
- Pokemon card collector
- Learning about people and solving mysteries *Adjusts glasses*

Interests:(Open to recommendations)
- Anime
- Cosplay (I'd like to learn how to make my own stuff)
- Games (Board, Card, and Video)

Anime: (Open to recommendations)
Romantic Comedies, Psychological, Horror, Adventure, Harem, Slice of Life, Mystery, Sci Fi

Games: (Let me know if you want to play...)
Board Games:
I've got a big collection...
Card Games:
Video Games:
League of Legends (The Panda Tyrant), Steam (The_Panda_Tyrant), Xbox one (Ze Panda King)
"Halo" "Star Wars Battlefront" "Among Us" "Fall Guys"

I go to "Fanime" every year in San Jose and will most likely attend the "Sac Anime" con in Sacramento and "Crunchyroll Expo"

Thanks for reading this far... I hope I was able to entertain you :)
There's a picture of me in my picture section if you're curious. Just scroll all the way down... VVV