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37 year old Male
Last online about 2 years ago
Brasilia, Brazil
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Jul 17, 20 at 9:06pm
I get that, you can't expect to have an athletic body if you just sit your ass and eat half the day away. I meant it more in the sense that it really isn't easy, even for healthier ppl. So I just think its a bit of an expectations build up and trap for some who might not be able to see any noticable changes - might undermine their little self-confidence idk... imagine being the first one to leave the competition Loser of the biggest loser! LOLL
Jul 17, 20 at 8:52pm
@BrowneyBoy Isn't that like the premise of that show "biggest loser"? the one who loses most weight is the winner of the show? I find it kinda cruel in a way