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32 year old Male
Last online 4 months ago
Dallas, TX
The one and only Tasamaki, known irl as Pedro. Anime has been everything for sometime now but it's slowed down. I blame it being mainstream now hue..

I'm not looking for anyone, love doesn't exist in this world "I place this basis even though I've never had love ^o^/ derp."

Sephiroth is everything and the lifestream is where we must be. There's a lot to me yet no one will know I praise truth to human interaction to be fitted to only minimal selection. I am among minimal so I stave my hand and keep to my place, away from the masses to have a empty life.

I will not seek out friends but the requests are welcome as well as my replies and if anything else a better chat platform if you will have my audience.

I play playstation and PC:
PSN: Tasamaki

Most games someones seen me before I'm not a big deal I'm just everywhere sometimes and the gaming name mostly never changes from (Tasamaki) unless it's a game with great female costumes then the name varies.

Atm am playing: MHW(PC & PS4), RDR2 (PS4), on and off "LoL" the list is small for online atm I dislike group interaction is why.. sorry there. However I enjoy duo play of any kind as long as my interaction is limited to "one" being at a time or unless a group of all well known beings.
Jun 27-30