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I am a 22 year old, heterosexual, high-functioning autistic individual, looking for friendship, or perhaps more with someone of similar age with similar interests.
I consider myself a friendly and compassionate person, who loves to laugh, with a sense of humor, is outgoing and always interested in meeting new friends.
I have achieved a variety of black belt levels in various types of karate, one is of a 2nd degree and, most recently, another, a 1st degree.
This year, I am in the very early stages of learning the Japanese language, through Rosetta Stone and have not yet mastered enough to have a conversation, but that is my goal, someday. I also love animals, especially dogs and have experience working with them at my local Animal Rescue League.
Along with learning the language, I am also very interested in Japan, her culture and the country, in general. I hope to, someday, visit Japan.
I like spending time watching anime, preferably with friends, online and, in person.
I enjoy spending time outside, exploring cities. I also like hiking, biking, swimming and generally, just enjoying these outdoor activities, preferably, with friends.
I am currently pursuing a secondary education, working toward my professional development.
Apr 19-21