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31 year old Male
Last online about 7 years ago
Hi, I'm Bryan from Midland Michigan, I'm a college student currently attending Saginaw Valley State University and going into Computer Information Tech (basically networking and hardware stuff). I am a huge media buff who enjoys movies, TV shows, Anime, gaming, and music. Of course I still enjoy the outdoors once in awhile as I enjoy camping, traveling, and playing tennis. I've played tennis since I was in the fourth grade and it's the only sport I really like (not much into sports otherwise...) Of course friends are important as well and I enjoy hanging out with my friends as often as I can. I am relatively new to anime but obsession has struck me quickly xD. I don't think I'd go back to before I watched anime if given the choice. It's because of this that I think this is the best place where I can find myself a girlfriend. "THE QUEST BEGINS!"

Also, I have a more detailed anime list at http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Supertrooper181
Oct 31-Nov 3
Oct 30-Nov 2