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Sugar Content

Last online 28 days ago
^¢^=¶Π€¥=¶¶{°[™®®©©°{¶{°Π√√|`~^{=[[{}∆∆{℅¥€[™®©™]{=®€£^={}∆∆¶×¶¶¶°¥^°[©€°={]°÷÷÷^√||°{{®°{}{°¥€℅{™={^{×^=}™{{°{{=^{}{{}∆{=°^¥©©©℅™©™< ^_^ .

Gaming & Otaku friends would be nice ^^ .

I spend almost every day watching anime, reading manga or playing video games or working-I have two jobs where I work from my home and the other a office for marketing, I'm a gamer my main platform I play is PlayStation I've got all the consoles, if you want my psn user name ask me. (please send a little message saying your from maiotaku and I'll add you ^^ ). I also enjoy running, skateboarding, martial arts, fitness training and yoga, along with that I am interested in history, Japanese culture, mythology, exploring, novels, expanding my imagination, the supernatural, philosophy, the unknown, questioning everything and always pursuing the truth. 

Also I'm not tolerant of thugish people's or those that talk that way thank you for understanding my preferences.(I don't approve of that culture)

I am a proud Christian.

Also if your political I should say I don't ever seem to get along with Liberals oh and you probably should know I'm pretty far right :) ugh I just hate politics in general!

I am the enemy of the SJW's and feminists which male Otaku isn't am I right or am I right?!?!!. Seriously though idk how left leaning people can say they like anime when it depicts everything they stand against.

(If you don't have a photo of the real you on your account I won't add you.)

Feel free to add me on my other social media just ask.

Also covid is a joke and the vaccine is a even bigger joke.
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