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Yugi Boo

25 year old Male
Last online about 7 hours ago
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Wait really? Cause I've had people PM me even though we aren't friends. I guess they just implemented this then? Either way, my day is going fine so far! I hope your day is going fine too! ^^ And you seem really nice so friendship seems very likely. XD Also, you said you like My Hero Academia yes? How far are you in the series? :3


Hey there! I'm glad my bio left a good impression on you! I'm certainly down for some conversation! I just hope it didn't offend you that I didn't accept your friend request right off the bat. I don't like adding people until I've gotten to know them a bit better first. If I did offend you I apologize, but if not and you'd still like to chat, feel free to PM me! (^ ^)/


Thanks for the add