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32 year old Female
Last online almost 2 years ago
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churros @churros left a comment for somethingwitty108
Mar 06, 23 at 12:57pm
I also love Love Live too. Also woa, you are into Atelier series too?
Aug 14, 21 at 3:25am
What kind of games do you like to play?
tash2 @tash2 left a comment for somethingwitty108
Aug 12, 21 at 1:55am
That's... some surprisingly interesting taste in anime you've got there. IIRC, I've seen Yugioh, the first season of Index and read some of railgun, bits and pieces of Love Live, read some K-on, read sailor moon and used to watch the anime on Toonami, Cromartie 4 times over the years and read bits of the manga (it's a shame the anime skipped most of the Four Great Ones chapters, since the chapter where one of them finds 500 yen behind his dresser is the highlight of the manga), and ended up watching Hetalia for context because it was REALLY popular among the girls in an anime club I ran a decade ago. But I've heard good things about most of the others. My anime list is just the first 5 or so shows that came to mind, but I've seen/read a LOT of random stuff over the years. I mainly joined this site to meet people who live nearby and you're off in another state, but it seemed a waste not to at least say hello to someone with such good taste.
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