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United Kingdom
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Apr 02, 21 at 6:09am
hi there
It’s been a long while since I’ve been on here..... but I wanted to try and reach out to someone.... I don’t exactly believe in fate, but I feel using something to message someone on, that you haven’t done for a long time, and the potential that they might reply has at least some meaning. Hey, I saw your "about me''. Don't be too caught up in fate and stuff. Reach out to people and you will grow in the process. It's scary, but it's part of it. Most of all, trust your instincts. If it feels funny, and you know your brain isn't psychologically biasing you against something, cut contact and get out. That's what works for me, in real life as well. Yeah, although I know that desire, and I can't speak for the way you feel it, it's ok. It's nice to message someone, and hope you connect. Connections are like that. They are natural. If it leads to friendship, cool. Anything more, cool. If it leads to nothing, just as cool, because you always come back better and stronger afterwards. I'm speaking of healthy connections, of course. Wish you the best. P.S. I love Hamtaro. Made my 6pm Weekdays soothing.
Hi, I see in your 'about' that you were trying to use the site to get in contact with someone, did that work out as you would have liked? You also have some good taste in some wholesome anime and some not so wholesome (Higurashi), but still good. :)
Frogre @ecchiboi69 left a comment for Scarletlovex
Nov 30, 20 at 11:32pm
Nov 04, 20 at 1:29pm
This account has been suspended.
johnpei @johnpei left a comment for Scarletlovex
Oct 25, 20 at 2:34pm
I see you're a fan of Higurashi Kai, how long have you been into it?
isley @isley left a comment for Scarletlovex
Aug 31, 20 at 6:05pm
Hi scarlet! How're you doing? I read your profule and your situation sounded difficult! Hope you've managed find that something you're looking for! You seem like a lovely person, I'm kinda new here and this may be out of the blue, but if you ever need someone to chat I'm around!
Aug 05, 20 at 11:01am
HI There oh my ..o//o what a cutie ..apologies if that is weird to open with ...hmm bad opening flustered meandering middle ...abrupt ending and quick exit to top it off ? *SMOKE BOMB*
Chusen4 @chusen4 left a comment for Scarletlovex
Jul 14, 20 at 6:16pm
Hey, I remember watching Kamutaro growing up, almost tempted me to get a pet hamster. I also watched Doraemon (that that's how it's spelt), both of them were great.
. @yueblade29 left a comment for Scarletlovex
Sep 05, 19 at 9:18am
I've been to a few cons this year. I might have walked past you XD.