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Steven / SWRUManga

29 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
DAGENHAM, United Kingdom
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I'm releasing my first manga via webtoons - check out the first episode: https://bit.ly/SWRUWebToons Enjoy.
Hi all, Enjoy page 1 of the super short 4 page manga I worked on. It will actually be my first release, through a meetup group called WIP Comics based in London,UK. They are doing an anthology release of a bunch of comics from various creators in the group on the themes of success and failure. I was selected for the theme of "failure". After the anthology has been publically released within 2 months, I will be posting my Manga on my Patreon.com/swrumanga so if this first page tickles your fancy, come on by my Patreon. If you can support then do please, it goes towards artist costs :)
LaughingMan @laughingman_ddd I read the first chapter and the artwork is good ^^ If you are open to criticism, I will comment more, or else that's it XD That said, I would suggest to change the opening advertisement "failure is like a bed of thorns" cause a bed of thorns don't really hurt irl. Cause of the wide area, the force gets divided, as a result the pressure from individual nails would be really small to hurt; it might tickle though.
Was I bored enough to mess with a bait/troll for like 30 min today? Yes. Yes I was. Anyway, the horror manga is slowly getting written. Q_Q progress is so hard.
Shameless plug about how I write manga, check out my work on my profile :3