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Steven / SWRUManga

28 year old Male
Last online 7 months ago
DAGENHAM, United Kingdom
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I'm releasing my first manga via webtoons - check out the first episode: https://bit.ly/SWRUWebToons


Hi all,

Enjoy page 1 of the super short 4 page manga I worked on. It will actually be my first release, through a meetup group called WIP Comics based in London,UK. They are doing an anthology release of a bunch of comics from various creators in the group on the themes of success and failure.

I was selected for the theme of "failure".

After the anthology has been publically released within 2 months, I will be posting my Manga on my Patreon.com/swrumanga

so if this first page tickles your fancy, come on by my Patreon.
If you can support then do please, it goes towards artist costs :)

LaughingMan @laughingman_ddd I read the first chapter and the artwork is good ^^ If you are open to criticism, I will comment more, or else that's it XD That said, I would suggest to change the opening advertisement "failure is like a bed of thorns" cause a bed of thorns don't really hurt irl. Cause of the wide area, the force gets divided, as a result the pressure from individual nails would be really small to hurt; it might tickle though.

Was I bored enough to mess with a bait/troll for like 30 min today? Yes. Yes I was. Anyway, the horror manga is slowly getting written. Q_Q progress is so hard.


Here's page 1 [Low res version] of the manga currently in the works, with the artist. It's a satire/parody of a lot of shounen tropes. It's just a 1-shot manga. Hopefully self published later this year!


Bought a bunch of research materials hooray. It's a whole bunch of random manga, and it's interesting to see how much expositional dialogue manga can get away with, especially compared to movie scripts.


Writing own manga and working with artists on them. Ask me about them :)

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