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34 year old Female
Last online 5 months ago
I'm 30+, disabled, and a bit of an artist (I suffer frequent art block, though). I love my boyfriend, my cat, and my few closest friends. I'm a "lite" gamer, I love listening to music, and I try to regularly attend my local Anime Matsuri convention every year (2020 was skipped because of COVID, didn't want to risk it).

Full list of anime I've seen, want to see, stalled, etc:

I'm a passionate, sensitive, and opinionated person. I am a shy introvert.
I'm highly interested in true crime and horror/creepy things.
I'm spiritual more than religious.

I love answering questions, so please feel free to ask me just about anything as long as it's not NSFW!

Not accepting random friend requests, sorry.

Feb 26-28
Apr 7-9
Mar 30-Apr 1
Jun 13-16