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shugo the azure flame god

28 year old Male
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hawaii! are there any cons over there?
Jun 20, 10 at 12:12pm
Pleased to meet you, as well~
They're typical vampires, and their story is very sad...at least, Lulu survived!^-^
Another Blood+ fan! I'm happy to hear that, since I usually don't find anyone like me! Yeah, Hagi is so cool...he's actually the first bishie that I have a serious crush on! I really love devoted guys...^-^
lol cool thanks for finding me =D
Chemistry and Human Physiology sound like fun! (yea, i like school). I kno whats it like to be the odd one out. Im the middle child, and since in quiet and small, im usually invisble (lol, i could be a ninja! ^u^)A lot of kids at my school just don't care either, that or they're patheric backstabbers. Except the ppl i like. But instead of weed, they cheat and call smart ppl nerds and try to bring down everyone's selfesteem. But we "nerds" aka me and my friends kno better and wont give up! We just smile and outsmart them. (which is waaayyy too easy!)
lol, i hav about 2 or 3 good ideas, but they come so fast its hard too make time. Also im in all honors classes (plus Geometry and Spanish) so i hav lots of homework. =_= but i'll make it somehow.
Hmm...well, im not entierly sure. I want to grow up 2b a fashion designer,but being realalistic, i have computer engineer (what my parents job is), writter, and manga artist as fallback jobs. (in order from most to least likely)
I think Harry Potter's great too! (though I didn't care for movies 3+) Wow! a doctor? OuO Thats a great dream! ^u^ I like making ppl better,and happier, but im squeemish. ^^; I really like that about you though. ^U^
Kickboxing? THAT'S AWSOME!^u^ Hmmm...well, im into drawing, and im learning how to sew and cook. But also I love to read!XD I can't enough books! Both manga and regular books. What kind of books do you like? OuO
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