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34 year old Male
Last online over 8 years ago
Jackson, MI
i consider myself an otaku, even though there are a lot of anime that i still haven't seen that i need to. My favorite anime of all time is Rurouni Kenshin. I love languages, especially japanese, and i've been tryin to learn more japanese lately.

I also love video games. my favorites are the Tales of series, esp. Tales of Symphonia, the Elder Scrolls series, and Borderlands

I enjoy writing and have a novel in progress titled Memories of us to See. I have been in a long writer's block however and would very much like to get out of it

I collect swords and other melee weaponry, however i am not in possession of most of my swords at this moment.
I love music ranging from classic rock,to asian rock/pop/metal, to metal, to classical

i also can play drums although since my drum kit got parts stolen from it, i am inexperienced with real drums

i just went through a bad breakup with my first ever girlfriend, and i'm rly wanting to meet someone new

i'm a nice guy, pretty understanding most of the time, it takes a lot to get me angry, and i love having fun. my favorite anime types are Samurai, mech, and romantic comedy.

hope to meet some new friends soon