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Hannahan, SC
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Izumi @harukamano left a comment for setsuna_no_sora
Sep 05, 16 at 5:49pm
No, no, I'm looking for a companion as well.
Aug 05, 16 at 2:27pm
Lol I love action and romance.
can't say i share your sentiment about suzu, but i am glad to be of help. i haven't seen peacemaker in a long time myself, so i may join you on the re-watch. I saw some episodes online for Hakuouki. would i miss the best parts if i just watch the anime and not play the game? Not a lot of action so far but the story is intriguing as time goes on. watched 3 episodes today. Kyoto is the more historic one, correct? sorry about the mix up, sometimes when i read fast it happens. especially when they have the same letters. I am from D.R. Congo. the country right in the middle of Africa. been in the US for 15 years now though. I can't decide which one is my favorite anime out of these three: code geass, gundam 00, and desert punk. mostly action, but they have intellectual depth. is Kyoto as metropolitan as Tokyo?
edamame @edamame left a comment for setsuna_no_sora
Jul 06, 16 at 8:06pm
No. i was too lazy to study English, so I didnt do anything. But I have a lot of opportunities to talk to customers at work, and actually im very shy but I dont have time to be afraid, just I gotta speak out. I dont do anything special but fortunately I can learn new words or whatever without using boring textbooks haha. Talking to you like this is also good for me, you know. Ohhh you like Ruroken and Peacemaker??? I like them too. They are so good. I think im gonna watch Peacemaker again. Suzu is very creepy but hot. haha Well.. Visual novels.. If the game is aimed for women, its called "Otome game". If its for men, its called " Renai syumire-shon game". (Maybe lol) Anime is just called Anime whatever it is. Not Tokyo, im from Kyoto! haha. Where are you from by the way? What is your favorite anime?? Hakuouki is from Otome game, but its not too romantic. Its just like Peacemaker and many ppl are killed.. Its so nice of you, if you tell me your favorite anime or recommendations, ill watch whatever you recommend too.
edamame @edamame left a comment for setsuna_no_sora
Jul 06, 16 at 6:45pm
Because my husband is Canadian. You are right, actually i am the one of them that you are talking about. I LOVE Japan and i didnt want to leave my sweet country. So I have been homesickness since I came here.. I see many chinese ppl here but not so much Japanese tho. Thats Hakuouki, which is from visual novel for women. But its cool, so i recommend you to watch the anime. Im impressed that you know Shinsengumi. Do you like them? I feel attached to Shinsengumi, because im from Kyoto, where they lived and left lots of histories.
Tempo is the speed of the music, you may mean they only have one pitch? Mallets ad tympani have differet pitches. Or if you do mean tempo, well it depends on the piece. Some have different tempos (specially the solos by cirone) and some are just one tempo. It varies composer to composer. Yes, I do flippy stick tricks, but that's more for marching or drumming. We don't do that type of showy stuff for concert pieces normally, unless they state it or it's something that will be really advanced.
edamame @edamame left a comment for setsuna_no_sora
Jul 06, 16 at 5:42pm
Hm I dunno but there are many people from other countries here in Canada anyway.. Nothing going on but something may be happening behind our back?? who knows! haha
Jul 06, 16 at 2:49am
I'd like to meet people and have fun!
but you cant play it either :) lol! snare drum is my favorite. and well all throughout high school and in college they teach you to play all of them. You are constatly switchig between the main 3, mallets, snare, and tympani, and accessory parts are never as hard so if you can play the main 3 you can easily play anything else. The only issue is that a lot of accessory instruments have a specific technique so in college we study the different styles of music and learn the different techniques for each little instrument. Life would have been way easier if I had chose any other instrument. But percussion has always been like this. We've always had the most to do because we can play both rhythm and melody. I only keep I guess because one I love it, and two I've bee playing since middle school.
nice nice! my major is graphic design w/ a concentration in digtal arts. and yep, as a percussionist, you have to be able to play all of those instruments. from mallets (keyboards like xylophone, marimba), snare, tympani (4-5 different size drums), etc. And for each one there are at least 2 techiniques that they teach us. playing with 4 mallets in the hand is very hard :/ and I just went after high school. Im working on it, there are reasons why I dont have it that i'd rather not post publicly.
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