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jayraket @jayraket left a comment for seruru
May 07, 21 at 1:53am

Can you or anyone else tell me if Watamote any good id much appreciate it

scottyhot @scottyhot left a comment for seruru
Apr 17, 21 at 5:49am



Really nice to see appreciation for Lupin III!

Apr 01, 21 at 7:06am

Feels good to change things up around here now that I'm feeling more me and not depleted to even check here °‿°

Quix and Connie @quix left a comment for seruru
Feb 06, 21 at 10:34am

Hello hello =:4

Yellow Otaku @yellowotaku left a comment for seruru
Feb 04, 21 at 12:08pm

Hi! I hope you're having a good day today ^^


I wanted to share one last thing for the time being. Here's an anime film I happened to stumble upon maybe a couple of years back? It's called Syrius no Densentsu or the english title is the sea prince and the fire child. It's an anime film from 1981 and I'm not sure if it's incredibly well known? But I really like this film a lot both from a visual standpoint and musically. I have no idea if you're into Disney or anything but it's very reminiscent of disney in a way. One of my favorite composers Koichi Sugiyama actually worked on this movie it's one of his early stuff. Anyways, I highly recommend this movie if you're into 80's anime films. The score is so very good too! This is perhaps my favorite OST from the film.


No idea if you're into Studio Ghibli movies like Kiki's delivery, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke or Ponyo or have watched any of those amazing animated films at all? Here's one an ost I really like from one of my all time favorite ghibli movie Laputa: A Castle in the Sky. This movie is an amazing piece of art from storytelling, visuals, and music. Honestly all of the ghibli movies are gorgeous movies. This film in particular probably introduced me to the anime style art form. Hayao Miyazaki is just an amazing animation director though.


Something motivational and upbeat. It's the full opening theme from another 90's anime(Or late 90's early 2000's) I really like actually.(And yes it's another slice of life comedy with some drama xD) But yeah it's called Comic Party. It's roughly 12 or 13 episodes? This anime has really fun characters and a ton of heart to it and it's pretty funny too!

Yellow Otaku @yellowotaku left a comment for seruru
Jan 25, 21 at 3:31am

Don't worry about it. ^^ I'm kinda lacking on that too sometimes.