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28 year old Female
Last online about 7 years ago
barnhart, MO
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I feel the same way about cosplay and cons!! Glad someone else likes Merlin. I don't know very many people that do. I might do some cosplays from it once it gets cooler ..and can't wait for Doctor Who to start up again so I can get more ideas for Clara. I'm looking to do more cons too ..maybe from St. Louis to Chicago. If there are any you'd recommend, even if they're smaller cons, let me know thanks!

Aug 17, 14 at 11:24pm

Hello ^_^

Cid @tylor left a comment for sano_orihara_471
Aug 17, 14 at 6:29pm

Welcome to the site hope you like it here


hey welcome to the site its nice to meet another anime/manga fan

sashiki @sashiki left a comment for sano_orihara_471
Aug 17, 14 at 12:00am

do gotta say, those goggles are awesome looking, reminds me of ed's goggles from cowboy bebop a little.

welcome to the site

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