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29 year old Male
Last online 5 days ago
Los Angeles, CA
A few things about me...

Im a California native and been here my entire life.

My goal and dream in life is to become a doctor and Im working towards that goal while balancing anime and mmos

I enjoy MMOs such as FFXIV and WoW along with RPGs be they open world western RPGs like Fallout or Dragon Age to Japanese RPGs like Persona/Utawarerumono/FF Tactics

Im 6'7 so on the taller side of things

I enjoy hiking and exploring with my favorite location in the world being Sequoia and Kings Canyon national park

I like all music but math rock and rock orchestras are my favorite jams

I read and listen to alot of audiobooks concerning fantasy and science fiction stories

I dabble with cars and 3d printing

I would love to cosplay and go to cons but the only one I have been to is AX in LA

Hit me up if you want to watch some of the current season of anime or just talk about random things going on in todays world my discord is AlternativeIV#1659