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(Last revision: July, 13th 2019)
Feel free to add me and chat me up! (>^.^)>
I'm mostly active in the forums, but I will answer PMs.

Hello there, this is Max speaking.
I'm half lover, half gamer, and half evil scientist. :P
I'm 189cm / 6.2ft-ish tall and have a pretty regular figure.
I do muscle building to stay in shape. I mostly do bodyweight exercises, but I have a bunch of weights at home, because I don't like the gym. My little home studio is muuuch better. :)

Currently, I'm studying computer science. I'm very interested in game development and artificial intelligence. I work in IT-Security.

After high school, I did voluntary military service at the german military (Bundeswehr) in a tank batallion for half a year.

I'm very much into PC-gaming. Online with friends and offline. Wanna play something?!
Generally everything around computers and technology is great in my opinion.

I'm also a hobby-biologist.

I value honesty, good reasoning, and logic. <3

Lastly, I love animals.
I love all the fluffs.

What I look for on MO?
I've been here since late 2015.
So far I have made lots of good friends. There is always room for more!
I also met my lovely Shayfin on here. I'm happily taken.

Looking forward to some nice conversations and fun in the forums!

Discord: Maxwell#1326