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29 year old Male
Last online 6 days ago
Ann Arbor, MI

Yes I did indeed just say woof. Hello I am Darrell.

You might wanna read the paragraph below before you proceed.

Pansexual, Polymorous, Male, Nerd, Wolf.

I am a criminal justice major at Washtenaw Community College. I specialize in Military/War history, US History, hugs, cuddling, affection, and flirt. So let's get down to business. I am a furry....some of you may not know what that is. Let me help. A furry is an admirer of the anthropomorphic personification of animals. In layman's terms. We are people who enjoy the artistic design of animals with human-like skeletal systems. Each furry has their own furry persona or "Fursona" that they customize to fit their personality, and in some cases be what they probably wouldn't be in life. Take my fursona for an example. His name is Colonel Razgrizraven Kaldra, species: wolf - Occupation: Army Colonel, Cavalry, mustang (Prior enlisted), fought in 5 wars. This lifestyle has been with me for the last 11 years. Nerd wise I watch anime, science fiction, and fantasy. Play MTG, as well as D&D. Gamer.....not going into detail. I am in a polymorous relationship. am the biggest Transformers Otaku within 2000 miles. I am a history Oracle of the Cybertronian Empire. I have knowledge from the Revolution from the Quintesson rule when Primon the first prime was created on down to where the 7th and 8th primes Optimus, and Rodimus battled against the Decepticons on Earth in the Great war lasting 21 years. I am a furry. Other Interests are as follows: Ace Combat Series. If you practice everyday then challenge me you will still lose. Anyway I am actually a nice guy. Once you choose to use your IM, Cell, or Email to contact me, you get the chance to see I could be a good friend. Just don't get me angry. So text, call, or IM it doesn't matter. Right now, I am caught up with fan fics. I had created a fan fic for Hetalia!! It's awesome.

UPDATE: Sorry if I don't reply to my email. Just add me on Skype----razgrizraven. And put in a message maiotaku, so I know how I was added.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You made it! Now all you have to do is get through the rest of the profile!I

EDIT: Since adding Animu on here is a pain in the ass, I'll just link myanimelist profile. It'll have what I can't add on here.

Oct 28-31