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27 year old Female
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add me because.... im nice :D
alnabo @alnabo left a comment for Raja
Aug 29, 10 at 3:09am
hey i second that
Dec 09, 09 at 7:51pm
You seem like a pretty cool person!! Hit me up some time, I'd love to get to know you!
Giostar @masterzetsu left a comment for Raja
Sep 20, 09 at 10:01pm
can i get a woot for class of 2012
terriermon17 @konata18 left a comment for Raja
Aug 27, 09 at 3:15pm
hi there. im t.k. ur profiles awsome. hit me up if ya want
Man your lucky we didnt have an anime club when I was in high school but the anime fans were also nonexistant too. Everyone thought I was a huge dork. I did an informative speech on revolutionary girl utena in 9th grade lets just say it was memorable.
hi dana i finally got a comp and ya phone typing an entire page is tough lol. any way its nice to meet you. to bad about the anime club hawaii has one but we never get any conventions here
i finnaly got a picture
hello im ryan nice of you to join the site im new also and am 15 i played trombone and violin and my grades rocked except math which was a B . well sorry if i dont have a picture yet im doing this all from my phone and thats pretty hard. im african-american tall and atheletic figure i love most anime and mang. well hope you respond back
Jul 28, 09 at 10:16pm
Thanks guys for the offers, I'll make sure to take you up on those if I ever need to. 8D